Timber to Timber Stainless Steel Tension Wire System:


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A 4mm stainless steel (marine grade) tension wire system. Suitable for most timber to timber applications.

3 Options on wire type as shown are offered. 7x7 being the standards for type 1: 7x19 being the standard for type 2 and 3.

1x19 Strand 7x7 Strand 7x19 Strand


These assemblies are made to measure,the terminations being hydraulically pressed onto the wire. This giving a professional and permanent connection.

Type 1: Spans up to 3.5 mtr

Type 2: Spans up to 10 mtr

Type 3: Spans up to 20 mtr

Type 1 is suitable for straight runs only.

Type 2 and 3 can be used around corners, a diagonal through hole of 6.5mm being require through any corner post.

Installation is simply a matter of drilling small pilot holes and screwing in the "dual thread screws" at the end termination posts.

Through holes being drilled in any mid posts. 8mm diameter for Type 1, 6.5mm diameter for type 2 and 3.

Once the wires have been run through mid posts, connections to the "dual thread screws" can be made. Connections as per upper images.


Type 1: Achieved by rotation of the wire assembly and inside thread terminals.
NOTE: this system used left and right hand terminations. One at each end.

Type 2 and 3: Achieved by rotation of the tension bodies.

After tensioning, all lock nuts must be nipped up.





The measurements required are the inside of end post dimensions.

ie: face to face, the points at which the "dual thread screws" would be inserted.

Where the wire is to run through a corner post, the post must be drilled at 45 degrees. A measurement taken across the post.


If you would like us to quote, just supply us a list of lengths and termination types and we will reply promptly.

Alternatively, just call or email us and we would be more than happy to discuss options.